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Crypto Clone Features

Everything you need to get you up and running!
Go to Wallets


Your Clone comes with a Windows,Linux and Mac-OS Wallet.All are compiled and ready to go.They will be added to your site for easy download.Your Wallets will be easy to download and easy to install.

Go to VM Compilers

VM Compilers

You will receive a Windows(Pro) and Ubuntu Virtual Machine if you need to change any aspect of your coin and need to recompile your Wallets.A Mac Mini can be provided at additional cost for MacOS Wallets.

Go to Source code

Source code

You will receive the source code on completion of your Crypto Currency.your source code will be added to your site and GitHub at your request.Your source code is also used for future changes that you wish to make to your coin in the future.

Go to Complete Setup

Complete Setup

We set-up everything for you.Your Website,CryptoCoin,Seed nodes* and custom Virtual machines for your coin.(*You will need to provide 2 seed nodes at minimum and a maximum of 10)

We limit the amount of clones we create so its a first come first server basis